Objective of the Project 

YuWaah’s objective is to build multi-sector partnerships and enable collaborative action with the mission to ‘enable India's youth and connect them to aspirational socio-economic opportunities and engage them as active change makers’. By 2030, YuWaah will:  
- Build pathways for 100 million youth to aspirational economic opportunities 
- Facilitate 200 million youth to gain relevant skills for productive lives and the future of work 
- Partner with 300 million youth as Changemakers and create spaces for developing their leadership 
  Two–pronged strategy is core to what YuWaah does: i) identify successful, scalable initiatives and enable breakout scale and ii) identify whitespaces and foster breakthrough innovation

Timeline: 3 years: 2020 – 2023

Partnering Agency: UNICEF India is the implementing partner

Intended outcome

- Establish the secretariat, task forces and the board for Yuwaah
- Develop partnerships with Government departments including state governments, private sector, civil society and multi-laterals
- 10 solutions to be identified (atleast 3 for each of the key goals – economic opportunities,
life & livelihood skills for youth and youth as change makers) for support to scale up - Plans for activation in 4 states including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka
and Punjab - Societal change

Target for 2021

Reach 150,000 young people through youth innovation challenges

Activities till now

- 13-member Board In place with representation from the Government, the World Bank, civil society, the private sector, UN organizations and young people
- Constituted one task force each for the three pillars. Taskforces comprise experts from government, multi laterals, civil society and solution partners. It will provide direction for the planning, implementation and monitoring of initiatives
- Initiated work in 5 states Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka

PILLAR 1: Economic Opportunities

- Strategic partnership with Delhi Government’s Rozgar Bazaar Portal with a focus on enhancing the connections between 1 million job seekers and 50,000 job providers
- Roll out of job connect initiative of YuWaah solution partners: Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs for their NSS & NYKS volunteers
- Two Taskforces have been setup up on building job connects and entrepreneurship promotion

PILLAR 2: Life & Livelihood Skills for Youth

- Career guidance portal scaled up to 9 states and 1 union territory, reaching 16.9 million young people
  - Online career guidance & psychosocial support sessions for young people, garnered 1.61 million views
  - Partnership with Alohomora for conducting live sessions with young entrepreneurs, reaching 383,457 young people so far
  - UNiLearn platform has been developed for digital learning including 21st century and vocational skills with over 206 courses and 125,000 teachers trained

PILLAR 3: Youth as Changemakers

- Pan-India youth networks (including NSS, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan) engaged, reaching more than 4.04 million young people on Covid-19 messages-for-action
  - An 18-member Young People’s Action Team has been recruited, oriented and engaged systematically. Since October 2020, 8 YPAT members have represented Yuwaah across public platforms, 6 YPAT members have led a Social Media awareness Campaign on violence faced by most marginalized young people, reaching over 60,000 young people.
  - The 2020 Yuwaah Youth Challenge winner 'Education on Air', was nominated for, and won the Global GenU Youth Challenge and is scheduled to receive seed funding
  - Pride of Punjab programme, launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab and Yuwaah, has engaged over 28,000 young changemakers