We Empower Asia

We Empower Asia

We Empower Asia
WeEmpowerAsia is a 3-year joint programme by the European Union and UN Women aimed at increasing the number of women who lead and participate in private-sector businesses in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam, thereby advancing inclusive and sustainable growth along with stronger links between European and Asian markets through gender-sensitive trade and supply chains.

To learn more about WeEmpowerAsia, watch the video: https://youtu.be/onRPkLlNrps
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Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
Driving change in the workplace, marketplace and community
WeEmpowerAsia promotes the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) established by the UN Global Compact and UN Women. The set of principles—leadership, equality, safety, transparency, community, markets, learning—offer guidance to businesses on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community.

To date, WeEmpowerAsia (2019-2022) has allocated EUR 8 million to promote the WEPs:
- Across 7 countries in Asia;
- Activating 700 companies;
- Catalyzing 700 women entrepreneurs;
- Impacting 700,000 people (employees, consumers and entrepreneurs);
- Mobilizing 70 influencers; and,
- Contributing to at least 7 policy dialogues in the region.

Following the global mandate ( United Nations Global Compact & UN Women ) to offer guidance to businesses on empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and community, UNGC Network India and UN Women India signed a 3-year MoU under WeEmpowerAsia on the promotion of the WEPs among private businesses and stakeholders in India. The MOU leverages on the comparative advantage of Global Compact Network in India with its extensive network of private sector partners and UN Women’s technical expertise in engendering policies that better meet women’s needs and rights for their economic empowerment. In India, the project’s efforts around the WEPs has increased the country’s signatories to 171 companies from 50 who are committed to the empowerment of women. Watch highlights of #WeEmpowerAsia #India's key impact for gender equality in the business world over the past year. https://youtu.be/97Wu9oDbm5E

WeEmpowerAsia India Feature Story

1) Women innovators create solutions to stem COVID-19 in India: As a response to the COVID-19 crisis in India, WeEmpowerAsia and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s MyGov initiative teamed up to organize the Shri Shakti (“female power”) Challenge. Read more about the Shri Shakti winners featured in the International Women’s Day 2021 global coverage: https://asiapacific.unwomen.org/en/digital- library/publications/2021/03/women-innovators-create-solutions-to-stem-covid-19-in-india

2) More women leaders vital to boost India’s economy: Business executives, policymakers and UN gender equality leaders underscored concern that gender equality has been set back by the coronavirus crisis, and needs increased focus if half of the country’s population are not to fall behind. Prioritizing women’s opportunities and leadership roles in the workplace in particular, must be given top priority to accelerate growth in India post-pandemic. Read more: https://asiapacific.unwomen.org/en/news-and- events/stories/2021/03/more-women-leaders-vital-to-boost-indias-economy

About WeEmpowerAsia reference page: https://asiapacific.unwomen.org/en/focus-areas/women-poverty- economics/weempowerasia/our-programme