Training and Capacity Building

Sustainability is gaining prominence in the corporate and business world as the operations carried out by the companies have an increasing affect and huge bearing on the people, environment and development. Given this increasing focus, a demand has been generated to train the companies and inform them about key sustainable practices and enable sharing of best practices for replication, learning and adoption. Global Compact Network India is taking forward the post 2015 agenda and is making concerted efforts towards initiating discussions and deliberations on the issue of sustainability as it has emerged as one of the major thematic areas for discussions to explore opportunities, challenges and plans for way forward. In taking forward this mandate, GCNI has lined up several programmes to promote sustainability and sustainable practices, one such being the training and capacity building programme.

With the support of expert advisers and specialists, Global Compact Network India and along with key partners, have jointly conceived series of significant training programmes on sustainability for the member companies. The training programme has been designed to train the members on key sustainability and CSR frameworks and sharing of best practices across sustainability and CSR, value chain and its linkages with the UNGC principles. The training would also enable informing the CSR and sustainability mandate of the organization and mapping and aligning it with the UNGC principles’ requirements.

The training programmes would focus on promotion and galvanisation of 10 principles of the UNGC that revolve around Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption and would enable improvement in reporting standards of its member organizations, on the Communication of Progress reports through training, development and capacity building in the years to follow.

Some of the key areas that the training and capacity building programme would look into are