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Raising SDG Ambition for India

Annual Report 2020-21

Young SDG Innovators Program - India 2021

This is the final report of the Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP)'2021, which is an accelerator program established for young professionals that are working in participant companies of the United Nations Global Compact Network India. This program aims to provide them with the unique skills to drive sustainability efforts and innovation and deliver tangible sustainability solutions to their significant companies by using the 17 SDGs as a catalyst. Hence, the goal of the program is to encourage SDG innovation by using bottom-up approaches to develop breakthrough solutions with specific market values. The program targets employees, aged 35 and under, who have a passion to transform their companies into more sustainable entities of the society.

1st ACCA Working Group Consultation Meeting report

UN Global Compact Network India pursuant to its objective of forming a Working Group on Anti-Corruption Collective Action (ACCA), organized a consultation meeting with related stakeholders in Healthcare, on 15th July 2021. The meeting set the context and the tone for the necessity of a Working Group to drive the ACCA agenda forward. This event report outlines the background and importance of the Working Group together with the discussions and recommendations of the participants.

2nd ACCA Working Group Consultation Meeting report

UN Global Compact Network India organized the 2nd consultation meeting of ACCA Working Group, with related stakeholders in Healthcare, on 31st August 2021, following the grand success of the first one. The Working Group Consultation advanced the agenda of the first meeting in the august presence of our peers from the UNGC, New York Office. This event report outlines the future course of the Working Group, action items together with the strategies and recommendations for the active engagement of participants.

Reaping the Sustainable Benefits of Agricultural Value Chains

Knowledge paper themed - Reaping the sustainable benefits of agricultural value chains, prepared by UNGCNI and PwC India, released at UNGCNI and ECHO Forum's 1st Agri Supply Chain Summit. It gives insights on how Sustainable Agri Value chains are critical to uplift the livelihoods of many and have great potential to address many global challenges along the lines of food security and safety, providing alternative sources of energy, revitalizing rural and urban economies, and delivering inclusive domestic and national growth.

Sustainable and Innovative HR Practices Case Study Contest

UNGCNI initiated an HR Sustainable Innovative Practices Case Study Contest to celebrate and reward organizations with responsible and sustainable HR practices. The objective was to establish sustainability as a hallmark of responsible business practices. A total of 53 entries were received and judged at a virtual grand finale in November 2020. This compendium showcases a few of the top 25 case studies including the top 3.

4th Gender Equality Summit 2020 (GES 2021)

This is the outcome report of UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI) 4th Gender Equality Summit 2021 (GES 2021)

3rd Gender Equality Summit 2020 (GES 2020)

This is the outcome report of the UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI) 3rd Gender Equality Summit 2020 (GES 2020)

UN Global Compact Strategy 2021–2023

The 2021–2023 UN Global Compact Strategy is built upon a framework with five key elements. Each element represents a deliberate, specific set of choices on our ambition, on who we will engage on the issues and programmes we will focus upon, and on how we will operate.

COVID Impact Stories

Tough situations do not last, tough people and organizations do. It is our absolute honour to share the #CovidImpactStories from #GCNImembers as they engage in #CovidRecovery and #BuildBackBetter.