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Gender Equality Summit Outcome Report 2022

This is the outcome report of the UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI) 5th Gender Equality Summit 2022 (GES 2022)...

Energy & Climate Change Workstream White Paper

The present white paper is in response to a felt need to consolidate insights held by industry about India's preparedness to pole-vault into net –zero regimes. Such important industry leaders as IOCL, ReNew Power, Avaada and SAP contributed to the document.This white paper examines the landscape of strategies over the long term, to give industry the confidence to invest to help us deliver our goals -a truly sustainable energy policy, substantiate challenges India faces in translating the net-zero intent into a reality; suggest policy measures that can resolve the stated challenges.
All stakeholders in the institutional ecosystem need to collaborate for a sustainable future.The actions that UN-Global Compact Network India takes in this race will decide the course of our future on this planet for sure. If we continue with business as usual, we could end up irreversibly changing the planet’s ecosystem. If there was ever a time to take bold and decisive steps towards a net-zero action plan,Climate proofing,greening energy,the time is now.

Awareness Campaign: Vigilance Awareness Week 2021

Global Compact Network India (GCNI), Alliance for Integrity (AfIN) and Partners for Transparency Foundation India (PTFI) in line with the CVC’s Vigilance Week 2021, jointly organized an Essay Writing Competition for the Business Management and Law students from across India on 12-28 October 2021. The theme of the Essay Competition was…
Independent India@75: Self-reliance with Integrity
“Business Integrity & Acceleration-Role of Businesses”

Panel Discussion : Vigilance Awareness Week 2021

Standing committed to the fight against corruption and enhancing transparency and integrity across sectors, Global Compact Network India (GCNI), Alliance for Integrity (AfIN), and Partners for Transparency Foundation India (PTFI), hosted a panel discussion on “Start-ups & Industry: Integrity and Business Acceleration” aligned with the theme of Vigilance Awareness Week “Independent India @75 Self Reliance with Integrity” on November 1, 2021.

Observance of International Anti-Corruption Day : Say No to Corruption

CEGET-GCNI, on the occasion of the observance of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2021, conducted …
1. Anti-Corruption Awareness Campaign: Voice of Leaders Against Corruption
(1st December. 2021 to 9th December. 2021).
This campaign helped in increasing awareness against corruption across the sectors, improving understanding on the role of different sectors in the “Fight Against Corruption” and strengthening ownership for the cause of corruption and its eradication through collective action.
2. Fireside Chat: Corruption and Our Role: Reflections and Resolutions for the 2030 Agenda” aligned with the theme of IACD-2021 “Your right, your role: Say no to Corruption”
(9th December 2021)
CEGET-GCNI conducted a panel discussion on December 9, 2021 wherein the experts from the most affected areas (Business, Education, Gender, Sports, Health and Technology) discussed their roles in promoting anti-corruption as individuals, organizations and moreover collectively as a society and nation. The experts shared various measures to prevent corruption and promote collective action around it and also discussed the importance and ways to involve youth in the fight against corruption as they are considered the future of the nation who will carry the agenda of SDGs on their shoulders in the third decade of this century.

Promoting Business Integrity in Public and Private Sectors
A Roundtable on Business Integrity and Human Rights Due Diligence

CEGET-GCNI and AfIN under Knowledge sharing collaboration for Integrity (AfIN) have been jointly taking diverse initiatives to promote integrity in Public and Private sectors since 2019. Alliance for Integrity, and CEGET-GCNI, organized a roundtable on 'Business Integrity and Human Rights Due Diligence' on December 10, 2021….

Responsible Business Conduct in International Supply Chain-Focus Group Discussion

Global Compact Network India (GCNI) played spoke at the Focus Group Discussion Workshop on 'Responsible Business Conduct in International Supply Chains' as well as Symposium on 'Responsible Business Practices: Opportunity and Challenges', organized jointly by University of Applied Sciences, Chur, Switzerland, Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur/India and Atmiya University, Rajkot/India on 22nd March 2022 and shared how GCNI is providing platform and guidance for its stakeholders to become a responsible and ethical business….

Golden Stretch Kick-Off Meeting - Event Report

UN Global Compact Network India (GCNI) has been chosen to be part of a new Anti-corruption Collective Action Project led by the Foundation for the Global Compact (UNGC). The three-year project titled - 'Advancing Collective Action against Corruption through Global Compact Local Networks', commenced in Oct 2021. The Kick-Off meeting held on February 18, 2022, effectively launched the project in India and sought to raise stakeholders’ awareness on Anti-Corruption Collective-Action. . The meeting set the context and the tone for the initiatives and activities to drive the ACCA agenda forward.This event report outlines the background and proceedings of the event together with the discussions and recommendations of the participants.

Gender equality in climate action: Women at the core

The knowledge paper makes an endeavor to envision a green economy with women as active participants rather than passive recipients of action and inaction. In doing so, women's participation is re-imagined in climate governance, innovation, technology, and funding. The paper also tries to explore the catalytic role the private sector and industries can play by adopting transformative practices that put the environment and women at the core of its business strategies thereby not only supporting economic growth for self, stakeholders, community, and the nation at large.

GCNI – Accenture India CEOs Pulse Check on Sustainability

GCNI–ACCENTURE INDIAN CEOs PULSE CHECK ON SUSTAINABILITY Assess, Act, and Accelerate Dec 2021 launched at the UN GCNI 16th National Convention.