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November 2020

  • 30 Nov

    Second Ideation Meeting with Business and other potential stakeholders in Healthcare Value Chain

    05.00 PM Virtual

    Healthcare, by its nature, is complex, it is rife with information asymmetry in terms of what services should be provided and what should be the price of those services. Although regulations are in place to control the price and quality of services provided, healthcare markets are complicated by the frequent presence of a public–private mixed system. Its large size, complex mix of actors, and asymmetrical information are relatively unique to the healthcare sector and can make it prone to corruption and diminish quality of governance. Centre of Excellence for Governance, Ethics and Transparency (CEGET) at Global Compact Network India (GCNI) under the Scaling -Up Anti-Corruption Collective Action initiative with United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), New York is holding an ideation meeting to review and identify corruption challenges and assess the Collective Action methodology to address it and to develop a structured strategy and roadmap to promote transparency and accountability in Healthcare Sector.

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December 2020

  • 10 Dec

    Grant Thornton SABERA 2020

    03.00 PM Virtual

    The Social & Business Enterprise Responsible Awards & Summit platform amplifies voices committed to impacting change in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Initiatives , Organizations and individuals that have a direct social impact as part of their bottom line are acknowledged and given a pedestal to share their story to inspire further development projects. It further helps build a positive narrative of the country by celebrating these success stories.The awardees are recognized in a gala event and their work highlighted through various media platforms. Networking and collaborations are encouraged and a summit preceding the awards offers a platform of convergence for policymakers, activists, non-profits, philanthropists, and corporations. SABERA has increasingly become synonymous with sustainable development and an inspiring property promoting Good.

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  • 15 Dec

    Innovative and Sustainable Supply Chain Awards

    09.00 AM Online

    In our continued endeavor of #UntingBusinesess, we have launched the Innovative and Sustainable Supply Chain Awards. The objective of this program is to identify and felicitate India-based organizations that have made notable contributions with respect to the adoption and implementation of: Sustainable supply chain management practices. SCM being a critical strategic partner of a business has to instill a culture of Sustainability driving the procedure and processes with a particular focus on People, Planet and Profit. SCM has to innovate and practice sustainable solutions aligned with SDGs both during COVID 19 and post the pandemic.

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