Sustainable Agriculture and Agri Business Workstream

Sustainable Agriculture and Agri Business Workstream

30th September 2022 , @ 09.00 PM

UN GCNI’s Sustainable Agriculture & Agri Business workstream is a multi-stakeholder national level platform which focuses on sustainable agricultural value chains and agritech for sustainable development.

As a green economy, India’s agricultural ecosystem is characterized by institutions, resources, service chain and delivery, and technology mechanisms. Accordingly, the sector employs 42.6% of the country’s population, including 150 million farmers and contributes 18.3% to India’s GDP. However, the intersecting crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and the Covid-19 pandemic have amplified the risks and vulnerabilities of our agrifood systems.

As we strive to attain the 17 SDGs by 2030, our efforts are incomplete without collectively addressing the challenges surrounding sustainable agriculture, climate resilient farming, and food security. The UNGC’s voluntary Food and Agriculture Business Principles serve as a framework to guide the efforts of UN GCNI’s new Sustainable Agriculture & Agri Business workstream which include a list of focus areas such as:

  •   -  Digital Technologies
  •   -  Agricultural Biotechnologies
  •   -  Energy-smart Agrifood systems
  •   -  Sustainable Agribusiness Value Chains
  •   -  Labour Rights and Standards
  •   -  Social Dialogue

With a vision to strengthen and support the agriculture sector in India, UN GCNI is proud to partner with:

Through the workstream platform, UN GCNI will work to contribute to the national and global agenda.

In the coming months from June to September 2022, the platform members will work to implement effective, scalable, and practical solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture. Through the platform, members will strive to promote sustainable agricultural practices in India that span internal operations to external value chain engagements across the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of the agriculture sector.

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  • Theme :

    A multi-stakeholder national level platform focusing on Sustainable Agricultural value chains and Agritech for Sustainable Development

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    Fri, 30th September, 2022

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    09:00 PM

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