National HR Summit for Energy Sector

National HR Summit for Energy Sector

14th February 2019 , @ 09.15 AM

Disrupve and bold business solutions are needed for the new energy era in India and the rest of the world. This also entails new and dynamic HR soluons. The radical new thrust on solar and other renewable is just one aspect of the transformaon that is going to sweep across the energy space.

Energy-Environment interface is going to determine the global agenda as well as individual lifestyles in the twenty-?rst century. The 21st COP held as Paris in 2016 sets the tone for the remainder of the century.

The need of the hour is to have fuel without fear. The fear of climate change, of devastated lands, lost wildlife, weakened lungs! The need of the hour is also to eliminate energy poverty. Benign and a?ordable energy abundance is the ideal the global community is striving for.

There are decisive moves to break the technological and economic inera. Di?erent scenarios are being deliberated in the energy space. Expert entrepreneurs like Tony Seba have predicted that renewables will completely replace fossil fuels by 2030. Even if this may not come about by 2030, defossilizing energy is the key driver of the global energy agenda.
Energy sector is going to deal with creave disconnuies. The disconnuies are bound to have impact on the HR priories and pracces. In view of this energy sector may have to deal with more challenges on the HR front compared to some other sectors which either already dealt with major disconnuies or are at a slower change curve.

In a future marked by compeveness through radical energy producvity, an equally producve HR approach will be required. That is what this Summit seeks to look at.

  • Theme :

    “Emerging HR Challenges”

  • Day & Date :

    Thu, 14th February, 2019

  • Time :

    09:15 AM

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  • Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi