Knowledge Sharing Session on Public Health Education

Knowledge Sharing Session on Public Health Education

30th June 2020 , @ 05.00 PM

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Health is determined not only by medical care but also by determinants outside the medical sector. Public health approach is to deal with all these determinants of health which requires multi-sectoral collaboration and inter-disciplinary coordination. COVID19, A public health crisis has been snowballed into a humanitarian crisis, presenting social, economic public health, and other hitherto unheard challenges. Public Health Education faces some unique challenges in the context of Covid19 pandemic.

Ms. Mohini Daljeet Singh, Trustee and Advisor, Max India Foundation

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Chief Advisor, United Nations Development Programme
Prof. K Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India
Dr. Swarup Sarkar, CG Pandit National Chair & Global Health Adviser at ICMR & Former Director, Communicable Diseases WHO
Dr. Joe Thomas, Associate Dean, Faculty of Sustainability Studies & Professor of Public Health and Sustainable Development, MIT WPU

  • Theme :

    Impact of COVID 19 on Public Health Education: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Day & Date :

    Tue, 30th June, 2020

  • Time :

    05:00 PM

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