International Panel Series, Supply Chain Disruption, 14th July 2020

International Panel Series, Supply Chain Disruption, 14th July 2020

14th July 2020 , @ 06.00 PM

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The COVID 19 pandemic has engulfed the entire world in an unprecedented manner. The socio-economic impact of the disaster is yet to be ascertained, but it is no guess that we need to be prepared for an enormous disruption at a global scale, and at socio-economical front.

There is an urgent need to channelise all our resources in order to push ahead and face the challenge. Every sector and strata of the society will need to be a part of it and the way forward lies only in collective action. The businesses have a crucial role to play during and post the pandemic. There is a need for businesses not only to sustain and adapt themselves but to support the private sector and society in these uncertain times and in an unchartered territory.

Keeping this context in mind, GCNI CEGET in partnership with Alliance For Integrity India is organizing an 'International Panel Series' on the theme 'Shaping a Sustainable Business Post-COVID', which shall bring to the fore the discussion by subject matter experts on the topics that matter and questions that need to be answered to help businesses face the challenges posed and also to look for opportunities for becoming stronger and relevant.

The second panel will deliberate upon Supply Chain Disruption
As the COVID-19 pandemic ripples throughout the world economy, transforming lives in ways many never thought possible, businesses across the globe, continue to face unprecedented supply chain disruptions. With supply chain shortages, new border restrictions, large-scale layoffs, and virtual lockdowns in cities with significant coronavirus outbreaks, organizations are finding it difficult to weather the impact and future-proof their business.

The pandemic is an unfolding story, with companies of varying industries providing mixed messaging in terms of continued production, while most consumers have no idea what the implications may or may not be in the coming days, weeks, and months. However, each and every disruption is an opportunity to revise an enterprise’s business continuity plans and supply chain vetting process in order to ensure the reasonable continuity of operations. Meanwhile, operational impact from COVID-19 throughout the supply chains may lead to risks of Fraud and Compliance issues, as companies shall be impacted by increased risk of procurement fraud, and non-compliance with internal procedures, relevant regulations, and legislation during the crisis.

For details Contact: Arya Dev, Programme Analyst (Legal), GCNI CEGET, +91- 9953537783

  • Theme :

    Shaping a Sustainable Business Post-COVID

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    Tue, 14th July, 2020

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    06:00 PM

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