International Panel Discussion

International Panel Discussion

17th September 2020 , @ 06.30 PM

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Transparency is a vital component to build an effective and efficient health care system and the lack of transparency in healthcare threatens to erode public trust. Healthcare organizations need strong ethical foundations to reinforce the culture of ‘trust’ between the caregiver and the patients. The shape and dynamics of healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors is changing fast. The shifting focus of the organizations in these sectors towards profit and growth, often negates the issue of price and data transparency which allows patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare and knowing about the quality of goods or services on offer, in advance and ensuring they are not ‘ripped off’. Globally, the information transparency has become the focal point in healthcare industry. Patients need to have access to the prescribed treatment, records, and medical history.

Any lapse on the ethics and integrity of the organizations or its’ supply-chain ecosystem may have severe consequences on the quality of service as well as satisfaction and well-being of the patients. Qualitative reforms in purchasing and procurement practices help in better decision-making, reduces waste, prevents corruption and fraud, minimises conflicts of interest and provides better value for money for governments and ultimately citizens.

The collective action may help structural reforms in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors for transparent and ethics compliance.

Contact Person: Dr. Somnath Singh, Programme Manager-CEGET, UN-Global Compact Network India
Email:; Mobile: 9871074298

  • Theme :

    Transparency, Ethics and Integrity in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Sector

  • Day & Date :

    Thu, 17th September, 2020

  • Time :

    06:30 PM

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