Grant Thornton SABERA 2020

Grant Thornton SABERA 2020

10th December 2020 , @ 03.00 PM

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Humanity beyond Calamity: Preparing for the new world order

With the world grappling with an unprecedented turn of events, it is becoming increasingly evident to individuals and corporations that there has to be a shift in perception of the world as we know. Large corporates are becoming acutely aware of shifting the focus from a mere profit incentive to social impact. The interconnectivity of the world has made our collective responsibility more than evident. While it may have taken a pandemic to drive home the point, the focus on environment and health along with reaching out to the most vulnerable saw humanity shine through these difficult times. GT SABERA has been highlighting these inspiring stories of Individuals and organizations, since its inception in 2018 and is heartened to see many of these coming to the fore in these trying times. But we need to sustain these shifts in perceptions. Adapting to the new world order where Climate change is an irreversible reality and adaptation may be the key to a sustainable future. We bring together stakeholders to highlight initiatives, need gaps and promote impact led interventions at the community level involving the most vulnerable including women.

– Climate change is a reality here to stay. The effect on livelihoods especially with respect to the most vulnerable communities needs concerted attention and our combined efforts. Changing weather patterns coupled with floods, cyclones and temperature vagaries need adaptation in livelihood for the poorest of the poor. While macro level interventions are welcome we need to focus on individual and community led initiatives building and supporting their adaptive measures including protecting & enhancing natural resources.
– Sustainable practices have a direct impact on Climate change. Depleting ground water to lower rainfall, Uninhibited fuel combustion to carbon emission
– Utilizing technology , e commerce and digital solutions mitigating the effect of future crisis situations.
– Self dependence – how does the industry view this and how can this convert into a direct social impact
– Moving beyond mere profit – research shows human connect much higher with purpose driven business – why do companies still not tap into this opportunity
– Increasing importance of indicators such ESG and SDG’s such that companies are valued based on the social impact they have

Contact Person : Suparnaa Chadda

  • Theme :

    Humanity Beyond Calamity

  • Day & Date :

    Thu, 10th December, 2020

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    03:00 PM

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