20th Anniversary Virtual Leaders Summit

20th Anniversary Virtual Leaders Summit

16th June 2020 , @ 09.30 AM

For registration & details: https://registration.unglobalcompact.org/website/12559/agenda/


The 20th Anniversary Leaders Summit will take place virtually on 15-16 June 2020 and be bigger, better and more inclusive than any physical event. Our high-level programme will “chase the sun” to allow our participants and Global Compact Local Networks to participate in their own time zones.

The 20th Anniversary Virtual Leaders Summit in June this year will integrate existing content with new programming to provide an accessible event for all our stakeholders including unlimited representatives from all of our 10,000+ participant companies and 3,000+ non-business participants.

This year marks 20 years of UNGC but unfortunately 2020 has also brought us face-to-face with an unprecedented pandemic. Keeping in line with its firm belief in the power of collective efforts, UNGC’s Virtual Leaders’ Summit this year focuses on – ‘Recover Better, Recover Stronger, Recover Together’ in response to COVID 19.

Global Compact Network India (GCNI) recognizes the power of uniting business as a critical means to not only respond but also recover, rebuild, and resurge stronger from the impact of Corona.

The India Session will present our efforts to employ SDGs and 10 UNGC Principles as an effective response to this dreaded pandemic. The session will showcase Indian Best Practices and inspiring case studies on how India Inc plans to use the current learning from COVID 19 to sustain the New Normal in the near future.

  • Theme :

    Towards Resurgent India: Aligning Business with Sustainable Development Goals

  • Day & Date :

    Tue, 16th June, 2020

  • Time :

    09:30 AM

  • Online