Scaling-Up Anti-Corruption Collective Action within the Global Compact Local Networks - (Promoting Transparency and Community Accountability in Healthcare Sector in India)

Scaling-Up Anti-Corruption Collective Action within the Global Compact Local Networks - (Promoting Transparency and Community Accountability in Healthcare Sector in India)

The UN Global Compact (UNGC) launched a four-year global project “scaling up Anti-Corruption Collective Action within Global Compact Local Networks” in December 2019 to support collective actions from Global Compact Local Networks (GCLNs) and promote public-private cooperation in fighting corruption.

The project adopts a three-pronged approach: (i) development of Anti-Corruption Collective Action (AC CA) Playbook for GCLNs to mainstream the understanding and uptake of CA, (ii) global launch and roll-out of the Playbook to enable GCLNs in understanding and using the CA methodology to identify and address corruption issues and (iii) support GCLNs in India, Brazil, Kenya and Ukraine in their CA initiatives. Underlying this approach is an overarching goal of facilitating public-private cooperation on Collective Action through policy dialogue and engagement with governments and non- business stakeholders.

Global Compact Network India (GCNI) has been an active partner for the project throughout Siemens Integrity Initiative (SII) in phase-I (2011-2015) and Phase-II (2015-2019) and now it has got into the partnership with UN Global Compact (New York) to implement phase-III of the Siemens Integrity Initiative (SII) and agreed to execute the project (Scaling Up Anti-Corruption Collective Action within the Global Compact Local Networks) in India from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2023.

In order to identify corruption challenges and the sectors that requires collective active to eradicate/reduce corruption in India , Global Compact Network India (GCNI) conducted relevant researches and organized various consultations, ideation meetings, virtual workshops and discussion with experts from diverse sectors and as a result these efforts/initiatives came out with a conclusion that there is a need to promote transparency and community accountability in Healthcare sector (Healthcare Value Chain) through strengthened Anti-Corruption Collective Action. Therefore, GCNI with constant guidance and support from UNGC is moving ahead with its approaches, ideas and initiatives to promoting transparency and accountability in healthcare sector towards achieving project goals.

Objectives of the Project

1) Development and dissemination of a Playbook to enhance the knowledge, understanding and capacity of Global Compact Local Networks (LNs) on Anti- Corruption Collective Action (AC CA).
2) Enabling select Local Networks to facilitate AC CA initiatives.
3) Engage in policy dialogue with governments and other relevant stakeholders to enhance public-private cooperation in fighting corruption.

GCNI Focus: Promoting Transparency and Community Accountability in Healthcare Sector through collective action.

Timeline: 4 years: October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2023

Budget:  USD: 204000.

Intended outcome
- Develop an AC CA Playbook for the LNs (UNGC).
- Launch and roll out of the Playbook.
- Review and identification of corruption challenges within target LNs/countries.
- Initiate and facilitate the development of new AC CA initiatives and continue to build upon the progress made in previous/ongoing initiatives.
- Develop a communications strategy to promote AC CA.
- Policy dialogue series with the public sector and other key stakeholders to enhance public-private cooperation in fighting corruption.

GCNI Achievements/Activities till now

Project operation (Orientation and engagement)
- Attended Kick-off calls with UNGC.
- Attended calls and held discussions with M & E officer, UNGC.
- Attending LNs review meetings and sharing project ongoing progress with UNGC every month.

Development of Anti-Corruption Collective Action Playbook
- Became the member of Anti-Corruption Collective Working Group and attended regular meetings with them and discussed the strategy, observations and recommendations.
- Conducted research and prepared a matrix on corruption challenges and AC CA initiatives and a write up on ethical business practices to be included in ACCA Playbook.
- Attended consultations with UNGC on Anti-Corruption Collective Action (ACCA).
- Participated and contributed to the baseline survey on ACCA conducted by UNGC.
- Thoroughly reviewed ACCA Playbook and provided valuable inputs and recommendations leading to the development of ACCA Playbook.

Identifying corruption challenges and sectors in India
- Conducted desk research, held deliberations with the business members/participants and potential stakeholders.
- Conducted ideation meetings with experts from Govt (IMA, Hospitals), Private Sectors (Pharmaceuticals, Medical equipment Manufacturers), NGO/CSO, Corporates and global leaders.
- Organized a virtual webinar on Transparency, Ethics and Integrity in Healthcare on September 17, 2020 in Collaboration with IIHMR University (A pioneer University in Healthcare and Management).
- Organized an International Panel Series on the theme of Shaping a Sustainable Business Post Covid (Business Resilience: 8th July 2020, Supply Chain Disruption: 14th July 2020, Reskilling and Digitalization: 23rd July 2020, Sustaining SMEs: 30th July 2020) in collaboration with AfIN.
- Developed roadmap on promoting transparency and accountability in healthcare sector through ACCA.

Project Sustainability
- Held consultation meetings with potential stakeholders and developed the concept note on ACCA working group formation to promote transparency and accountability in healthcare sector in India.
- Developed non-commercial partnership with Alliance for Integrity (AfIN) to promote business integrity in public and private sectors.
- Developed knowledge sharing partnership with Academia “IIHMR”
- Engaging business participants/members to take the ownership in GCNI’s initiative for promoting transparency and accountability in Healthcare sector.

Knowledge sharing on ACCA
- Shared the spotlight of GCNI’s Anti-Corruption Collective Action initiatives / activities in India at UNGC’s Regional Meeting in line with UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) against Corruption 2021 on June 30, 2020.
- Shared GCNI’s work/initiatives on ACCA with UNGC to further share with its participants and other Global Compact Networks through GCO Hub.
- Conducted and facilitated India-Ukraine Knowledge Sharing Meet on November 17, 2020. GCNI discussed its best practices on AC CA so far in India

Other relevant activities carried out
- Observed International Anti-Corruption Day-2020 on the theme of “Recover with Integrity” -A Talk Show with Anti-Corruption Experts on December 9, 2020. - Celebrated Good Governance Day on the theme of "Democracy & Inclusive Governance for Gender Equality and Sustainable
Development" on 25th December 2020 in collaboration with AGAM.
- Organized and facilitated a session on Collective Action to fight healthcare corruption post covid at 2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum as knowledge partner on March 25, 2021.
- Towards promoting transparency and business integrity in public and private sectors, GCNI supported AfIN in launching Global Integrity Campaign on the theme of “Let’s build a sustainable economic future with equal opportunities for everyone”, kicked off on March 29, 2021.

Future Plan (Major activities /initiatives)

1. The UNGASS (UN General Assembly Special Session) 2021 to identify challenges and to prevent and combat corruption and strengthen international cooperation (2-4 June 2021).
2. Launch of ACCA Playbook on UNGASS 2021.
3. Leaders’ Summit 2021: Facilitate a session on Anti-Corruption Collective Action (June 16, 2021).
4. Policy dialogues to enhance cooperation and engagement between the public and the private sector on AC CA.
5. Organize training for Public and Private sector for the roll out of ACCA Playbook.
6. Formation of ACCA Working Group to strengthen ACCA in Healthcare Sector.
7. Implementation of Project Roadmap for Promoting transparency and accountability in healthcare sector.